Way to Microneedle Your Scalp and All the Benefits

Ready to talk about one of the hottest new beauty trends? Microneedles.

Sure, you’ve heard of Microneedling before, but have you ever heard of doing it on your scalp?

If you don’t know what Microneedling is, let us update you. Microneedling is a relatively new technique/treatment used to treat a variety of skin problems. In Lauryn’s conversation with Gwendolyn Henao, she offers an excellent definition of Microneedling…

Basically, Microneedling “induces a controlled violation in the cutaneous and epidermal connection of the skin to induce growth factors that stimulate healing and rejuvenation, stimulate new collagen for fine lines and stimulate elastin to tone the skin.”

Although it is very common to hear about Microneedling on the face, this Beauty Hack can be done all over the body. Microneedling is very effective in reducing the appearance of acne scars, dark circles, dullness and fine lines. In addition, you can even micro-needle your scalp-which is all about this post. (You can read more about Lauryn Microneedling her arms here. )

How to micro-sharpen your scalp and all the benefits

Among the advantages of scalp microneedling are the following:

♡ promote scalp health

♡ Prevent hair loss

♡ promote hair growth

♡ increased blood flow

♡ promote the absorption of products

♡ reduces dry scalp and dandruff

♡ promote thicker and stronger hair follicles

♡ action against alopecia areata (a condition in which the hairline begins to widen)

Benefits of microneedling your scalp

So when it comes to Microneedling, you will need new beauty tools. To micro-needle the face and scalp, you will need a skin roller or Dermaroller. <<< The Same Thing! Skin rollers contain small microneedles that cause minor injuries to the skin. This stimulates the production of stem and college cells and accelerates cell renewal to promote clear and radiant skin. And when we say the skin, we also mean the scalp. The skin is the skin, no matter where on the body it is located.

In an Interview with one of our favorite beauty gurus, Jamie O’Banion, we learned so much about Microneedling and the best products. When it comes to the scalp, we recommend the BeautyBio scalp therapy kit. To listen to the full Podcast (which is full of oh so awesome skincare tips – if I do say so myself), click here.

Another awesome scalp Microneedling that Lauryn is passion with is bandit Chic’s Chic Hair Therapy Tool & Oil.

So, let’s discuss without further ado how to properly micro-sharpen your scalp at home.

How to micro-sharpen your scalp

Microneedling for hair loss or to improve the scalp in general is super easy. Plus, it really doesn’t take much time compared to the actual benefits you get. Let’s go.

♡ Step 1: Moisturize Your Hair.

First, locate the areas of your scalp where the hair becomes thinner and create a horizontal part. Then, to reduce the pulling and pulling of the derma roller, go ahead and moisten your hair a little in these areas.

♡ Step 2: Apply the hair serum.

Then apply the hair serum to all areas of the scalp that you want to micro-needles. Because Microneedling causes literally hundreds of tiny injuries to the scalp, be sure to use a hair serum for sensitive skin. The last thing you want is for your scalp to burn. Thanks, but no thanks.

♡ Step 3: Micro-needling the scalp.

Before the Dermaroll anywhere, always, Always, always disinfect your Dermaroll. Make sure that the Thing is CLEAN.

Now take your derma roller and micro-needles your scalp 4-7 times, depending on your comfort during the procedure. To micro-sharpen your scalp, always roll in the direction of hair growth and always be gentle. Apply about as much print as you would when painting a canvas.

When you have finished the Microneedling process, feel free to add a few drops of hair serum and massage. This species soothes the scalp after the trauma of Microneedling and ensures that the newly formed skin cells contain abundant nutrients.

Oh, and after this procedure, you also do not need to wash your hair. In fact, it is better to let the scalp heal for at least 1-2 days without washing your hair. This allows the hair serum to really absorb and promote hair growth.

How often should you micro-sharpen your scalp

If you micro-needle your scalp to treat hair loss, it will take time. But the Thing is, You will see Results. With consistency and the use of high-quality products, you will see results in a few weeks.

So, how often should you perform a Microneedling treatment on your scalp? Really, it depends on your goals and the sensitivity of your scalp.

At the Beginning of the micro-needles of Your scalp every two Weeks. Once you have developed a certain tolerance, you can microneedle your scalp as often as twice a week or as little as once a month. It really depends on your hair growth goals.

During each session, you can expect a slight irritation. The microneedling process literally creates tiny sores all over the scalp. So, a slight irritation should be expected until you get used to the process.

If you experience more serious side effects, such as a rash, severe irritation, etc., be sure to consider microneedles and/or a new serum or hair tool less frequently.

As for the scalp, you will see tangible results between 6 and 12 Weeks. But you will be able to personally feel the results of a healthier scalp after just 2-3 procedures. Remember, Consistency is the Key.

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