Healthy Habits That Can Help Boost Your Immunity

Although some aspects of health are beyond your control, there are many preventive measures you can take to maintain a strong immune system.

“Building a strong immune system can improve and even prolong your life,” says Larry Robinson, PhD and vice president of science at Embria Health Sciences, a manufacturer of scientifically based ingredients that contribute to well-being and vitality.

Robinson and the Embria experts encourage people to try these great health tips.


It is easy to exercise on these cold winter days, but it is not very beneficial for health or the immune system. Studies show that people who communicate more with people are better able to cope with the difficulties of cold weather.

Therefore, be sure to communicate with your colleagues during the day and schedule appointments with friends after work. This will not only strengthen your immunity, but also help reduce your stress level.


Although a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables and whole grains can contribute to good health, it can be difficult to get the right vitamins and nutrients in sufficient quantities every day.

Consider specifically supporting your immune system with dietary supplements that are intended to strengthen healthy immune function. One of the best immune-boosting ingredients is the Epicor enzyme, which has been clinically proven to support the body’s ability to initiate a proper immune response when needed, support a rapid immune response, and maintain healthy immune function.

You can find EpiCor in many popular and reliable dietary supplements.


Rest and relaxation can make a great contribution to health promotion. According to the National Institutes of Health, persistent lack of sleep is associated with a number of serious health problems and can affect the response of your immune system. In addition, too much stress can affect the immune response. Whether you’re spending time with friends, doing yoga, or taking a bath, make sure your schedule includes time to sleep and stress-reducing activities.

Strengthen your health from the inside out. By focusing on strengthening your immunity as a goal, you will naturally instill healthy habits.

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