Eating Breakfast Supercharges Your Health

Do you want to make 2017 the year when you pay special attention to your health? Wellness goals are admirable all year round, but too often well-meaning people make a common mistake that sabotages their efforts: they skip breakfast.

It’s a daily choice that shocks millions of people, but research proves that breakfast is an important part of how you feel during the day. Just using Java will help you cheer up a bit, but in the long run it won’t be enough.

Consider these five reasons why breakfast is good for your health, and they should not be ignored.


When you have breakfast, you “interrupt fasting” during sleep and awaken your metabolism. When you sleep, your metabolism slows down and you burn fewer calories while resting. When you eat a nutritious breakfast, you turn on your internal engine to burn calories and get more energy throughout the day.

Hunger can make people irritable, and it’s hard to focus on work when your stomach is rumbling. A balanced breakfast consisting of fats, proteins and fiber turns food into energy, so that you feel full longer.


Woman eating oatmeal porridge with banana, strawberries and nuts. Healthy breakfast at the sunny morning kitchen table

When you skip breakfast, the body starts to panic because of the diet, so you tend to overeat during lunch. This, in turn, overloads your metabolism, and you experience spikes and drops of energy throughout the day. For constant energy and effective calorie burning, eat a full breakfast and other meals on a schedule.


People who eat breakfast tend to make healthier choices throughout the day. In accordance with “People who eat breakfast tend to follow a healthier, more nutritious and less fatty diet in general. In contrast, people who skip breakfast are more likely to skip fruits and vegetables for the rest of the day.”Start the day with Thomas’s 100-calorie light English cupcakes made from several cereals.


If you have breakfast, this is a good example for your family. Also, when you sit down to a nutritious meal, it’s a positive way to start the day together. They help their children develop healthy habits that benefit them through greater concentration and energy at school, and ensure that they can achieve the best results in their studies.

Try this simple 5-minute recipe to start your morning. To learn about more nutritious breakfast recipes, visit .

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